Bicycle and pedestrian roundabout in the sky


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The Netherlands is known for its bicycle-friendly streets and bike paths, so you’d probably think that bicycle infrastructure in the sky would be completely unnecessary there. But even this bike leader has intersections that are excessively large and centered too much around cars. In the case of one such intersection between Eindhoven and Veldhoven, planners and designers created the Hovenring, a beautiful bicycle and pedestrian roundabout elevated above the roadway.

Also note that despite having fairly dense housing nearby (fairly common in European cities) they still manage to fit in segregated cycle and foot pathways of generous proportions that just make the streets safer and calm traffic flows down.

The video is just lovely….now tell me …why can’t we do that here?


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I’m not cycling in the gutter

The Nice Way Code was a Scottish campaign that targeted pedestrians, cyclists and motorists and asked them to respect each other whilst out on the road. A lot of the focus was on cyclists and the campaign spectacularly managed to alienate this audience with a series of poorly thought out adverts.

In the ad below a cyclist is compared to a horse, the point being that motorists when overtaking a cyclist should give them as much respect and space as they would do when overtaking a horse.

The Advertising Standards Authority, after receiving complaints about this ad, have banned it. They note the cyclist wore no helmet or safety gear and:

“Furthermore, we were concerned that whilst the cyclist was more than 0.5 metres from the kerb, they appeared to be located more in the centre of the lane when the car behind overtook them and the car almost had to enter the right lane of traffic.

“Therefore, for those reasons we concluded the ad was socially irresponsible and likely to condone or encourage behaviour prejudicial to health and safety.”

Now, I wear a helmet and I wear hi-vis most of the time when cycling and I certainly don’t look as good on a bike as the lady cyclist in the advert. But the roads I cycle on are not as idyllic looking as the one in the advert and I know that a lot of cars that overtake me leave a much narrower gap than desired. It’s my choice to dress this way just as people can buy different coloured cars, some more visible than others.

What I do share in common with the cyclist in the advert is that I also cycle more than 0.5m from the kerb. It’s a safer position to take on the road, you avoid more potholes, there’s less weaving in and out of parked cars and more visibility when approaching junctions. Cars are also forced to take a wider (and safer) line to overtake instead of squeezing past you as you cling to the kerb. If you look closely at the end of the advert the cyclist is in the right position to avoid a few nasty looking potholes at the edge of the road.

So, according to the ASA, I am socially irresponsible and my behaviour is prejudicial to health and safety. Despite this I think I’ll continue take my chances more than 0.5m away from the kerb. The ASA simply don’t know what they are talking about.

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In from the cold

Cycling with heels

I’ve been commuting in a cycling desert these past few years.

This fact was brought home to me this past Tuesday morning. I had to be in Vauxhall for a meeting that started at 9.30am, which meant – instead of my usual trek across north London – I joined thousands of others heading into the centre.

It was like no experience I’ve had for the past four and a bit years.

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2013 – a year of commuting by bike

So work is done for 2013. I’ve cycled to and from work in all weathers, from the ice and snow to the sunny days that make it all worthwhile. I think there was only one day when I could have cycled when I chose to take the bus and that was after a 112 mile sportive the previous day.

Putting it in numbers:

– 1 – the number of new bikes purchased

– 150 – the number of days I commuted to work by bike

– £442.8 – the amount saved on bus fares

– 1,540 miles covered in total from cycling to and from work

– 65,000ft (approx.) climbed on the cycle home

Given I purchased a new bike it was an expensive cycling year compared to commuting by bus. That should even out in 2014 and, of course, doesn’t take into account the health benefits of cycling and the time saved. Combined with the other exercise I do I even lost a stone in weight.

The aim for 2014 is to continue the daily commute as much as possible.


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A simple commuting tale

This morning I left for my cycle to work at the same time as one my neighbours left for their drive to work. Our routes take us different ways from south Edinburgh and come together on South Bridge and North Bridge.

It was dark, cold and there were plenty of icy patches were water had frozen on my journey this morning. I was on my winter bike and, given the conditions, was taking it easy. As I approached the Chambers Street/South Bridge junction I saw my neighbour go past in their car. I waited for the green light and then got caught up in the normal traffic jam that South Bridge is whilst building work goes on. Finally clearing South Bridge I made it across the Royal Mile and caught up with my neighbour, going past using the bus lane whilst they were stuck in traffic. 

There’s not much new in this tale. Bike beating cars on journeys through Edinburgh is a usual story but it was nice to know that my mode of transport to work is the quickest even on a cold winter’s morning. 

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Mystery cyclist beats the pro’s Strava times | Cycling Weekly

I know a few people who like their Strava segments. This takes it to the extreme.


A mystery cyclist beat the Strava times set by professional riders on Box Hill and a number of well-known climbs in Kent and Surrey at the weekend.


Mystery cyclist beats the pro’s Strava times | Latest News | Cycling Weekly.

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Top cancer specialist cleared of killing 21-year-old novice cyclist in car crash

Read the headline carefully. ‘Top cancer specialist’ so this is a person of some standing, who help saves lives and must be someone we can trust. ’21 year old novice cyclist’ so obviously someone who should not have been on the roads.

But how was the cyclist killed?

“She had been trying to overtake two other cyclists in her red Mini but collided with waitress Denisa Perinova, who was on a bike ride with her new boyfriend.”

“The former parish church bell ringer said she was ‘surprised’ to see Mr Pontin and his girlfriend suddenly emerge coming towards her as she rounded the curve in the road – but felt they still had enough room to get past.”

It must be okay then to overtake on a curve without being able to see oncoming traffic. The was an unsafe overtake, if another vehicle was coming in the other direction then there would have been a head on collision, but it was only a couple of cyclists and they don’t really matter, especially when you read the Daily Mail.

Until cyclists are properly protected on the roads and drivers held accountable for their actions then more people will needlessly be killed.

Denisa Perinova was only 21.

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